New line-drawing game for the iPhone lets players improve their time management skills while having fun.

Game developer Fabulapps is introducing a simple but addictive line drawing game with time management elements called CrossRoads. The game also features amazing graphics and effects that will impress any game player. The game will be available as an application for the popular iPhone or iPod Touch.

In CrossRoads, the player will need to guide vehicles to their final destination. Throughout the game, the vehicles will go through many beautiful maps using some of the most pleasant and simple controls available on the iPhone. Players can't expect the journey to be a calm one. As time passes, more and more vehicles come onto the screen and the player will need to navigate around them without causing any accidents. In addition, each game map includes special events that spice up the game. While the new elements are nothing too complicated for a game, they are disturbing events that triggered from time to time, will make each map just a little bit different from others, offering up interesting and creative game play for each map. For example, in one map a player will need to shake his iPhone to chase away clouds. In another map, the player will have to burst balloons that are covering the screen. Throughout Crossroads, a player can customize the experience by listening to his or her own music from the iPod app while cruising through the game.

The fast paced and action packed CrossRoads gives players an exciting ride for several different reasons. There are many different maps available throughout the game so that the player will always experience something new. There are four maps included with the games. A player can purchase additional maps through the in-game store.

Each map in CrossRoads has some exclusive effects that are very unique for a line-drawing game. Each involves a player to interact with the game screen. For example, in the Halloween Map, a zombie will appear from time to time and must be crushed to win more points. In the Japan map, earthquake sporadically occur; a player can repair quake damages by rubbing on them with a finger.

The multiplayer mode is one of the most interesting features of the game. It allows a player to join up with another player on all the maps available, even the ones that are purchased from the in-game store. The multiplayer mode is playable over local Wi- Fi or Bluetooth. A player can even send vehicles to another person's screen to make him or her have more difficult game play. Three weapons are also available to distract game opponents with some awesome special effects such as screen distortion, freeze or path cancellation. A game player can even optimize his or her own avatar for the Game Over screen.

CrossRoads also allows for social integration. Players have the ability to post their best scores on Twitter and Facebook. They also can compete in leaderboards in OpenFeint and unlock more than 60 achievements. Each map in "CrossRoads" has some exclusive effects that are very unique for a line-drawing game.

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