Today Fabulapps, makers of fabulous and addictive iPhone games, released the highly anticipated CrossRoads HD time-management game for the iPad, quenching the gaming world's thirst for line-drawing fun and stunning effects on the iPad's larger touch screen.

The game is simple and addictive - guide little cars across the screen to their destinations, without letting them crash. As more time passes, more vehicles come onto the screen. Players try to handle as many cars as they can for as long as they can.

"Since we released the original iPhone version of CrossRoads," explains Thomas Pagot, co-founder of Fabulapps, "many players have asked us to bring it on the iPad. And frankly, we're amazed at how the iPad has improved the CrossRoads game-play."

With the iPhone version of CrossRoads having already garnered many praising reviews and much excitement in the gaming community, Fabulapps made a great game better by offering the new iPad version in high-definition (HD), adding six stunning maps (including Lunar, Traditional Japan and Halloween Night) and unveiling sleek new special effects and game-changing "events."

MacWorld said the original CrossRoads had "smart level design, clever interactive elements and a fun multiplayer mode."

"We took the opportunity to bring CrossRoads HD to a whole new level when redesigning it for the iPad," explains Pagot. "But nobody could have guessed how incredibly cool it turned out."

To find out more about the release of CrossRoads HD and to watch the game's video trailer, visit Fabulapps website.

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