Fabulapps is a fairly new development studio, having been established in January 2010.

It all began when we decided to pool our complementary skills to create a game which, a few months later, became CrossRoads.

The two co-founders are Gildas Quiniou, developer and Thomas Pagot, graphic designer, both committed to the studio on a full-time basis. “We are able to call on friends or other freelancers to supplement the team, e.g. in areas such as music or to create particular levels in some games.”

Working in such a small team has great benefits in terms of flexibility of creative process. The ideas come, we talk a little and, if we're convinced that an idea is a good one, it's a goer! Thomas works quickly to create preliminary graphical layouts, forming the basis for my code, but this process is not set in stone—it's possible to rapidly change direction if new ideas crop up. This is one of the strengths of our compact structure, we don't have the same problems with inertia as large development studios. Generally, we are ready to launch our product while others are still setting out frames.

What's really cool is that you can create entirely new and mind-blowing interfaces because you are addressing gamers, that's what makes it fun. That's why we love working in the gaming market, although implementing our ideas is a serious business – as it would be for an animation studio. We focus particularly on "casual gamers" because we make games that appeal to us – we're not fans of games that require hours of learning, and anyway this isn't the iPhone target sector.

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We are Fabulapps, an iPhone Development Company who loves making fabulous and addictive iPhone games. We recently released CrossRoads for iPhone and iPad and are working hard to provide you some new awesome games.