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About us

Creating games is what makes us wake up everyday.

Fabulapps has been created in France in January 2010. Back then, apps were not as popular as today and only the first iPhone was available.

We are a two-man team, one developer and one designer sharing the same passion, working on games.
Our goal is to bring fun, deep and engaging games to mobile devices, while keeping them easy to play.

Our games have been downloaded over one million times and reached the Top 10 Free Games on the Appstore, while being featured by Apple several times.

The Team


Working in the software development since over 20 years, Gildas is handling all the coding required for creating online games. From C to PHP and Java, he knows how to code in many different languages.


With its stylus in hand, Thomas is designing most of the game assets and artwork. Always trying to improve its skills, he likes to work mostly on fantasy characters and environments.